• Counsel at Singleton Schreiber Srinivas "Vas" Hanumadass discusses how fearless advocacy gives him and the team purpose.

  • Partner Alicia Zimmerman discusses how Singleton Schreiber approaches representing our clients with fearless advocacy, understanding that each case and each client is different.

  • Partner Andrew Bluth discusses the value of trust and authenticity within a client relationship. Knowing your clients story and building that mutual trust is the foundation how our team's fearless advocacy.

  • Partner Brett Schreiber elaborates on what it means to be fearless at Singleton Schreiber. Our approach isn't based on lack of fear, but rather doing what needs to be done, regardless of fear, in the pursuit for justice.

  • Counsel Domenic Martini shares his journey and what drew him to Singleton Schreiber. It wasn't just about joining another firm, but it was about aligning with a company that resonated with him, his passion, and the impact he wanted to make on his greater community.

  • Partner Chris Rodriguez shares his journey going up against some of the well-regarded lawyers and legal team in the country. For Chris, the mission as represent thousands and thousands of clients is to ensure each individual client gets the best possible result possible.

  • Partner Britt Strottman opens up about her admiration towards those who are public servants and work in the public entity space. To her, working with those in government means aligning with those who have the public's best interests in the front of their mind and there for the right reasons.

  • Partner Andrew Bluth shares his mission is always justice. The team at Singleton Schreiber wants our clients to feel as though they always have someone in their corner fighting for them in an authentic way, which also happens to be his favorite part of the job.

  • Partner Alicia Zimmerman shares her personal journey and how it has led to her passion for advocating for our wildfire victims at Singleton Schreiber. She and the team at Singleton Schreiber understand that each client and case is different, that is why our team approached each case with care and attention to ensure that we help them at every step of the rebuilding process.

  • Counsel Srinivas "Vas" Hanumadass unpacks the necessary ingredients to the success at Singleton Schreiber. Our attorneys understand that we represent real people who are undergoing real struggles and the work we do give us at the firm purpose.

  • Partner Paul Starita shares his journey as a public servant and putting others before yourself. His belief, along with the rest of the team at Singleton Schreiber, is that if you are going to serve the client - you have to put their needs first.

  • Managing Partner Gerald Singleton shares his journey in creating the client-centered focus that is embodied by the team at Singleton Schreiber. We understand that we are our clients primary resource and aim to assist them in any way we can.

  • New Mexico Managing Partner Brian Colón discusses his journey into law and his want to represent those on the margins through legal representation.

  • Partner Brett Schreiber tells us how Singleton Schreiber came to be. Not simply based on the want to help our clients, but on a shared understanding that a bigger impact can be made together fearlessly.

  • Partner Mark Slaughter opens up about his journey in plaintiff law and how the shared mission of his fellow attorneys at Singleton Schreiber makes a difference. To Mark, the talented team at Singleton Schreiber is one of the few firms that can level the playing field in a world that is built against the consumer.

  • Counsel Srinivas "Vas" Hanumadass talks about the essence and purpose of the firm. The foundation of what Singleton Schreiber is to assist those who cannot fight on their own, but we're different because we want to do it better. We're open and inclusive and we want to make a difference.

  • Partner Paul Starita unpacks the duty of care necessary when it comes to serving our clients. Fearless Advocacy is not just a motto or slogan. At Singleton Schreiber, it is something we live and walk as we protect our clients' rights and interests.

  • Partner Mark Slaughter goes into his journey as an attorney in plaintiff law. He discusses how an accident early in his life created a bridge to his practice and service model to representing those who need to level the playing field, whether it be against an insurance company or a corporation.

  • Managing Partner Gerald Singleton discusses the responsibility of being an attorney. At Singleton Schreiber, we assist our clients through the process and become an invaluable resource at every stage.

  • Counsel Domenic Martini discusses the two key factors to fearless advocacy - helping people and competitiveness. In his words, these are two things you feel the impact. Not only do you feel the change and improvement in your client's life, but also when you are constantly advocating the win for your client.

  • Partner Britt Strottman discusses our concierge service when it comes to representing a public entity. We understand that they're placed in unique situations and can be pulled in a million different directions - that is why we operate as an extension of their team.

  • New Mexico Managing Partner Brian Colón shares his approach to centering the client, ensuring them that they have an advocate. The team at Singleton Schreiber aims to be their champion.

  • Partner Andrew Bluth unpacks what it means to advocate for clients in today's corporate world. As daily decisions are made based on profits and bottom lines, the team at Singleton Schreiber understands the value in holding companies accountable to protect consumers and the greater community.

  • Partner Alicia Zimmerman discusses the value of a phone call with some of our wildfire clients, especially when they're trying to rebuild their lives after a fire. We are here to help in anyway and encourage our clients to call us.

  • Partner Paul Starita details what our mission: Fearless Advocacy means for the client and the fostered trust with the team at Singleton Schreiber.

  • Partner Mark Slaughter reflects on the quality and strength of his fellow attorneys at Singleton Schreiber, especially when it comes to consumer protection and legislation.

  • Managing Partner Gerald Singleton shares the goal - ensuring every single client gets the best representation. We have the right team in place and the resources needed to fearlessly advocate for our clients.

  • |Domenic Martini

    Counsel Domenic Martini shares with us his why he joined the team at Singleton Schreiber and what sets us apart from other law firms.

  • New Mexico Managing Partner Brian Colón shares a story detailing how the value of community in his younger years defined his path towards Singleton Schreiber and how fearless advocacy aligned with his purpose.

  • Singleton Schreiber is a client-centered law firm specializing in mass torts/multi-district litigation, personal injury/wrongful death, fire litigation, civil rights, and criminal defense. We pride ourselves on protecting the interests of people against corporate wrongdoing. We have the resources to handle your case the right way, every time.

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