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Getting attacked by a dog can be serious, and many can incur critical injuries due to bites. If not treated or handled properly they can become life-threatening. The laws regarding dog attacks continue to change each year, and knowing how to protect yourself if you have been involved in a dog bite incident is important. 

At Singleton Schreiber our expert dog attack attorneys can guide you through what regulations are in place for certain dog breeds. Our team can ensure you are compensated for your injuries and trauma, and we will get you the justice you deserve.

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If You Have Been Involved in a Dog Attack, Let Singleton Schreiber Help You Get Compensation

When you are attacked by an animal this can be emotional and can cause distress. Many people can’t believe an animal would attack, and some sustain serious injuries to the body. Attacks with children do happen and unfortunately children are face level with dogs. This can cause horrible injuries to the face, and can be very traumatic for the child and their family.

Dogs are everywhere you go, and avoiding encounters with dogs each day is difficult. At Singleton Schreiber we are here to support both children and adults after an attack. Knowing what you can be compensated for is important, and hiring a professional Sacramento injury attorney can ensure you receive justice for the pain and torment you experienced.

What Is Dog Attack Liability?

Dog attacks are rising each year, and if a dog attacks you the owners are held accountable for the actions of their pets. Dog attack attorneys know bites can be severe and cause bodily harm. At Singleton Schreiber, we provide quality services and can help get your case handled quickly. 

Our team can prevent dogs from harming others and each case is taken very seriously with your best interest in mind. Your case is our priority, and we work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you have experienced a dog attack and believe you deserve compensation for someone else’s reckless actions, we encourage you to contact Singleton Schreiber. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers will perform a free case evaluation, and work tirelessly to help you receive proper compensation.

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Contact Singleton Schreiber and Hire a Dog Lawyer Today

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog contact Singleton Schreiber. We provide the very best legal advice, and can ensure your case is successful. Our free claim analysis can get you started, and we provide professional advice regarding how to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a dog bite personal injury?
    The strict liability dog bite statute does not require your skin to be broken. If you only have teeth and saliva on your skin from an encounter with a dog, California law considers this part of the statute, and you can recover compensation from your losses. California law holds dog owners liable for dog bites. At Singleton Schreiber our dog bite attorneys can help you get through a stressful situation with our expertise and guidance through the legal process.
  • What are current dog bite statistics?
    According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 4 million Americans are affected by dog bites each year. Out of those 4 million people, around 20% of dog bites require medical attention. In California dog bite fatalities are one of the highest ranked in the United States.
  • If I am attacked by a dog, what types of dog bite compensation can I receive?
    If you have been attacked by a dog and sustained injury, you can receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. We know dog attacks are traumatic, and our team at Singleton Schreiber will work to help you get the compensation you deserve from your experience. Consulting with an experienced dog attack lawyer can help you obtain the maximum damages from your dog bite claim.
  • What are common injuries from dog bites?
    Dog attacks can involve bites, scratches, or even knocking you down. When a dog bite occurs, this involves the dog actually having physical contact with the person. In some cases, you may try to run and injure yourself in the process. Our team is here to help analyze your claim, and ensure you receive the proper compensation for your experience and trauma.
    • Common Dog Bite Injuries Include:
      • Bites that penetrate the skin
      • Bruising
      • Bleeding
      • Broken bones
      • Scratches
      • Injury from falling or being knocked down
      • Strains or sprains
      • Neck or back injury
      • Orthopedic injuries
  • What are common dog bite causes?
    Dog bites are traumatic and can cause harm or injury to the person that is attacked. Bites can become infected, or cause the person physical disfigurement, or disability. In many cases we do not know why dogs bite or choose to attack. Owners may have let the dog run off their leash or into areas they should not be allowed. Dog owners can loose control of their pet and if the dog is an aggressive breed, this can cause others to get hurt. 
  • Can dog owners challenge a dog bite case?
    When you file a dog bite case you may think the process is easy or straightforward. In some cases, the dog owner can try certain defense tactics. Choosing the right Santa Rosa injury attorney can ensure you are protected legally. Our team at Singleton Schreiber has extensive experience, and can help you collect the compensation you deserve.
    • Common Dog Bite Defenses:
      • The victim approached or provoked the dog.
      • The victim trespassed onto private property.
      • The dog was protecting the owner and was self-defense.
  • Who can be held liable when you file a dog bite injury claim?
    When you experience a dog bite there is trauma and pain. Knowing who is liable can help you when you file your claim. In most cases the dog owner is held liable. In other situations, if there is a dog walker or dog handler present, they can be held liable. Landlords are also considered liable depending on where the attack occurred and who was present. Hiring an experienced dog bite attorney can guide you through the legal process, and ensure you recover from any damages you incurred from the attack.
  • What is the level of severity required to file a dog bite lawsuit?
    There is no level of severity required when you file a dog bite lawsuit. If you were involved with a dog attack, anything related to the dog’s mouth can make a dog bite claim. This includes the dog’s mouth, teeth, and saliva. In addition, if you sustained any injury or strain this would qualify for a dog bite claim.
  • What is a third-party dog bite claim?
    When a person files a dog bite claim there are typically third parties that also may request compensation. Third parties involved include hospitals, doctors, the dog owner, or insurance companies. Our skilled attorneys will analyze your case and determine if any of the third parties are in violation of certain laws, such as the leash law or negligence. 

    Our dog attack lawyers will protect you, and work to make sure your damages are recovered and you receive proper compensation. Talking to an experience professional can help to reduce third party claims, and ensure your case is handled with your best interest in mind.
  • What is the difference between a dog bite claim and premises liability?
    Premises liability lawsuits involve a person sustaining injuries on someone else’s property due to a hazardous or dangerous condition. The danger involves the dog on the property. In California, homeowners must keep their property safe for guests. If the victim is bitten on the property, they can hold the owner responsible. To find out more contact Singleton Schreiber and speak to one of our personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque.
  • What are the safety precautions around dogs?
    There are safety measures you can take to help avoid any negative encounters with a dog. Children are at a high risk for dog bites and make up 50% of dog bite victims. 
    • Do not approach an animal if they look irritated, seem tense, or are growling.
    • Keep a safe distance between you and an animal.
    • Do not disturb the animal if it is sleeping or eating.
    • If you do not know the dog do not approach the animal.
    • You should always allow the dog to smell you first before attempting to pet or touch a dog
  • What should you do if you have experienced a dog bite?
    • Seek Medical Attention. If you are a dog bite victim you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. In most cases, victims do not think the injury is serious, but other factors can cause issues quickly after you are bitten. These issues include infection or rabies. Visiting a medical professional right away can help you create documentation of the bite, and this can help you with your dog bite claim as evidence. 
    • Gathering Information and Reporting Your Incident. Reporting your dog bite can also help create proper evidence to support your claim. Notifying animal control or the police directly after an attack is a good idea. Try and remember what the dog looked like and the direction it ran if the dog is no longer at the scene. If the owner is present make sure to ask them for their contact information.
    • Talk to a Professional Dog Bite Attorney, Never try to settle a legal claim without professional assistance from a California dog bite lawyer. Our experienced team at Singleton Schreiber can help you get through the legal process and ensure you receive proper compensation. Contact Singleton Schreiber today for your free claim analysis.
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